Website Design and Graphic Design

For businesses of all sizes, Covid-19 and the seemingly endless lockdowns have resulted in a dramatic shift away from print design towards digital mediums such as websites and social media to advertise products and services. With potential customers spending more and more time researching online, your website is more crucial today than ever before if you need to be found and standout amongst your competition.

If you’ve been neglecting your current website, or delaying designing a new website for your business, it’s time to stop and focus on it!

But before you panic and build a website loaded with unnecessary bells and whistles, answer these questions:

Who are my customers?” and “What do they need to see?

For some businesses, the answers will point towards a cheap business website with just a few pages highlighting their core services and offerings, and an easy way to get in touch or directions. For others, it could mean a larger business website with more in-depth content continually updated with articles and videos, for example.

Additionally, if your budget is tight the website you really want to build right now might feel out of reach. However, a well designed website can start small and at a lower cost, and expand as you need it, allowing you to set aside funds over time rather than one larger upfront cost today.

And now with Covid19, You’re probably wondering how to go about getting your website built in a time of “essential services” and restricted travel?

Traditionally, face to face meetings with your web designer was common during the process of developing a new website. However, you’d be surprised just how much can be done through just phone contact and emails, and yes, even Zoom calls. I’d moved to minimising face to face contact with clients before Covid arrived, and many of my website projects have been completed with great success from start to finish without a single face to face meeting! Client feedback to this process is ‘surprise that it was even possible’ and ‘this is a great way to get things done!‘ when they factor in time savings and flexibility. And consider the additional benefits: no travel time, no costly interruptions to your business day, and scheduling progress and update calls at short notice.

So whether you need a new business website, a simple update to your WordPress based site to let customers know you’re back to business as usual or a new logo, get in touch and let’s discuss how we can work together!