Contact Ink offers a wide range of additional design services, including:

Image Editing and Manipulation

Edit your digital mages by removing backgrounds and unwanted objects, adjusting colours, improving the quality and making corrections.

Image Conversion

Convert your images to different formats, for example convert GIF, BMP or JPG to PNG, TIF or EPS or more.

Image Reformatting

If you have an image that needs to be resized to fit your presentation, website or social media, it can be reformatted to suit your requirements and dimensions. This can include creating banner images featuring your  logo and products for use on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or for inclusion in presentations or PDFs.

Photo Restoration

Restore old, faded, dirty or damaged family photos and company photos. Perfect for archiving your historical company photos or family memories and converting to safe digital formats free from aging issues.

Logo Re-creation

If you’ve lost your original logo files, or your designer is no longer in business, I can recreate your logo from old files or business cards, and save the final artwork in multiple formats suitable for use on websites, stationery and social media.

Logo Refresh / Update

Sometimes a small logo refresh is all that’s needed to fix dated elements such as colours or fonts. This can be a more cost effective solution for businesses looking to retain their current look while keeping up to date.

..and more! For information, get in touch.