Affordable business websites

With Victoria’s endless cycle of coronavirus lockdowns, it’s crucial to keep your business website updated.

An affordable business website with up to date information is an essential part of getting up and running in the lead up to Christmas sales and beyond. Potential customers are eager to leave the house and spend their money, and if you haven’t spent the last few months preparing your Melbourne business website for online visitors searching for your location, opening hours, products and services – don’t panic! It’s never too late to catch up!

While during Covid19 lock downs the focus has been towards online shopping and contactless delivery, as lock downs end, this will likely shift heavily back to face-to-face visits in-store, and more casual in-person browsing, as people seek to make the most of being out and about again.

If you already have a small business website or medium sized business website, make sure your hours, location, product and services are up to date and easy to find.

Refresh promotions and  specials and bump offers to the front page. Think about a dedicated page or post outlining your reopening (remember that we still need to be safe – masks on!) and generally let customers know you’re open for business.

If you’ve been putting off building a new small to medium business website – it’s time to stop delaying!

Yes, money is a serious consideration for us all right now, and the reality is that you probably don’t want to spend as much on a cheap or affordable website as you might have a year ago. That’s understandable! This should be taken into account when planning your project. Scale back the size of the website, remove unnecessary pages and focus on the core features of your business instead. Look at getting your new business website online as quickly as possible to start capturing potential customers, and take a long term view to growing your website over the next year as the economy and prospects improve. Regularly put money aside as you progress, and plan your updates in advance.

Contact Ink has helped small and medium sized businesses across metropolitan Melbourne with affordable websites and logo  design for 18 years. Contact Ink can help you update your existing website to inform customers browsing for website promotions, and opening hours, or we can build your business website on a budget you can afford to start your online presence today.

We keep things simple and easy to understand, skipping the annoying jargon. We let you focus on your business and what you want to achieve.

Get in touch today for a no obligation discussion on how Contact Ink can help your business get back to business!

And remember – stay safe!