Covid19 and Zero Contact Webdesign in Isolation.

The onset of the Covid19 crisis across the world during 2020 has dramatically changed the business landscape. From major companies and institutions to the smallest business and self employed freelancers, stability and traditional methods of carrying out day to day activities are very different from 2019 and may very well have long lasting effects for years to come.

Dealing with website design is no different.

Traditionally, you might have met face to face with your web designer several times during the process of developing a new website, or even while arranging simple updates and edits. Unfortunately, during the extended lockdowns in Victoria this has become impossible as it is not considered an essential service.

Luckily, this hasn’t stopped me helping old and new clients!

Over the past couple of years I’ve engaged in more frequent contactless webdesign to minimise time waste, costs and unnecessary travel. You’d be surprised just how much can be done through phone contact and emails, and yes, even Zoom conversations when absolutely needed.

In fact, the last few website projects have been completed with great success from start to finish without a single face to face meeting!

Client feedback to this process has usually ranged from ‘surprise that it was even possible to do’ to ‘this is a great way to get things done!‘ when they factor in time savings and flexibility against the results.

And there are additional benefits.

You have the ability to schedule an extended phone call to discuss options from the comfort of your workplace or home (depending on your current work situations) which means a more relaxed conversation, and frequently a better understanding of needs, or you can call between other appointments or during unexpected free time.

So, if the thought of trying to organise your new website design or website update during the Covid19 crisis has seemed too hard, don’t be put off! Whether you need a new business website, or just a simple update to your WordPress based site to let customers know you’re still there for them, get in touch and let’s discuss how we can work together during this difficult time!