Formed in 2002 by Vincent Carrozza, Contact Ink helps small businesses across Melbourne with their design and website projects.

Previously the In-house Designer with Australia’s largest automotive marketing company, Vincent worked with car dealerships of all sizes across the country to create high impact direct mail marketing promotions, as well as customer rewards programs for hundreds of hair and beauty salons. Working with a large number of businesses proved to be an invaluable experience and taught Vincent the importance of listening to the needs of business owners and stakeholders in developing solutions.

During this time, Vincent also started creating pop-culture art under the pseudonym 6AMCRISIS [www.6amcrisis.com]. His  work is heavily influenced by art, books, science, movie and television, and is brought to life through pen, pencil, ink,  watercolour, acrylic paint and digitally in Photoshop, and is sold to admirers of his style around the world.

For more information about Vincent’s work as 6AMCRISIS, visit  www.6amcrisis.com.

To discuss your website design project, contact Vincent here.